Weave Painting

In the Holographic Series, I used texture as the light source to
illuminate the subject.  As my textures usually comprise
horizontal lines, the treatment has the appearance of threads
woven through the subject.  In my paintings, I would emulate the
manner in which colour threads weave in-and-out of
embroidered patches.  Each thread is visibly discontinuous, and
one embroidery pattern can be integrated into another.  

Most recently, I have widened the “threads” into bands of
painting, producing extraordinary effects.  I would have two or
three images merging, and intersecting with each other.  Yet one
can easily recognize the respective image(s) and comprehend
the activities being portrayed.  It should be noted that although
the viewer sees less of each image, one actually perceives more
of it.  In this way, the viewer is invited to participate by in filling
the blank(s) and take ownership of the art.

Weave painting is able to present heightened human emotions,
showcase surrealism by the manipulation of space and depth,
create new images and sensations by collaging and overlaying.  
Weave painting changes the way we comprehend images.
Holographic Series