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These paintings are not documentary in nature, that is, they do not describe
any real object or event.  I have chosen to use
abstract representations of
human  so that all viewers can equally identify with the imagery.   I paint the
figures in cool colours and without hair and facial features, so that there is no
reference to social, cultural or racial  particulars.   In my world, we are all
humans; we all experience pain, anguish, joy, suspicion, love, hate etc.  .... in
our living days.  The figures represent our human spirit.

In the Sojourn Subseries, a screen is incorporated in the painting to represent
the challenges, barriers, struggles and alienations that humans must
continually attempt to overcome in our life.  Even though these screens do not
exist in the physical world, they are, however, all around us in the
psychological landscape.  They can be the impediment to success, the loss of
loved ones, being struck down with illness, or the inability to provide for one's

In technical terms, the screen cuts across the field of depth of the painting,
consequently defining  the space that is in front of the screen and that which
is behind it.  This produces a 3D effect in the painting ---
a trompe l'oiel.

In the Existential Subseries I endeavour to show that the human spirit is
transplanted into an estrange environment.  I employ contrasting painting
styles to underscore the incompatibility of the figure with its environment, and
pay considerable attention to the design of the background, as it is a key to
eliciting emotional energy.
Sojourn Subseries
Existential Subseries